Colliton Street Psychotherapy Services Ltd


This service was set up in Dorchester in 1998. Since then 10 or more counsellors and therapists at any one time have been working independently at the practice with a variety of approaches…

  • Jungian
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Humanistic
  • Integrative
  • Lacanian
  • Transpersonal

Psychotherapy is a treatment which gives a person the opportunity to talk and think about themselves and their life problems, for example traumas they have experienced, long-standing emotional and psychological problems which they have difficulty in dealing with, and relationship problems. People who benefit from psychotherapy are often able to work and appear to cope on the outside, but find they have private problems which they are unable to solve on their own.

There are many overlaps between counselling and therapy and both can feel intense but therapy tends to go deeper, takes longer and has a longer lasting effect.

Colliton Street Psychotherapy Services Ltd.
1 Colliton Street, Dorchester, DT1 1XH